Zhu Xiang grew up in a small village in Pingtung, agriculture is the most common economic activity.

There are lots of farmers using  chemical pesticide in order to maintain the crop for the living.

However, a frequently chemical pesticide user at 50 years age got cancer rates is a hundred times

higher than who doesn't. Also, chemical pesticide remnant is staying in the soil for at least 20 years.

Those bad influences cause Zhu Xiang to consider, have we ever thought about what we have eaten?


Back into college time, Zhu Xiang joined the Chaoyang  University of Technology Innovation Incubation

Center, during an internship realized that farmers were forced to inhale an amount of pesticide while

framing. Because of that, Zhu Xiang had decided to use "Biological Inducible Pesticide Substitutes"

what he learned from uni to make a difference in this world.


Startup with a tiny thought Zhu Xiang and his team attended  the cross-strait competition, also awarded

the championship, thanks to the Innovation Incubation Center director Mrs. Liu's and the Pheromone

research center Professor Qian's coaching. 


After winning five competitions, Zhu Xiang started to cooperate with farmers and suppliers by using

"Biological Inducible Pesticide Substitutes" to produce toxic-free agricultural products under TSSE's supply

chain,at the same time, modifying framing models to raise agricultural product values and farmers' economic

status.Furthermore, promoting the idea of social enterprise is adjusting the relationship between pesticide,

soil andingredients, and trying to raise the awareness of these issues. 


The proudest thing to Zhu Xiang is becoming an accountable social enterprise entrepreneur to control

the ingredients resources before people eat them. Besides, try to give back the sustainable future of mother

nature and all creations of the universe. After officially released TSSE's over-the-counter information for

fundraising, encouraged more and more investors to join TSSE to make a difference in this world.  


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