Company History

Nov 2013

2013 Cross-Strait University Start-up Plan Contest Winner.

Feb 2014

Establishment of Taiwan Shennong Social Enterprise Corporation.

Feb 2014

Ali Mountain tea protection program initiation.

Apr 2014

Toxic-free tea harvest in Ali Mountain with 120% yield.

Jun 2014

Awarded best start-up team in the 2014 innovation and commodification start-up competition.

Jul 2014

Awarded the championship in “2014 Startup Business Competition held by the Ministry of Education”.

Aug 2014

Relocated to the Innovation Cultivation Centre in Chaoyang University of Technology.

Nov 2014

Sun Moon Lake Tea protection program initiation.

Nov 2014

Received recognition from the Ministry of Economy Affairs in 2015 for operational performance and energy and awarded the Startup Incubation award by the Ministry.

Nov 2014

Passed the application in NanKang Biotech Incubation Centre and acquired

recommendation letter to set up over-the-counter company in the stock market.

Dec 2014

Approved for establishment in Central Science Industrial Park.

Dec 2014

Awarded championship in the 2014 Zhuhai Overseas Scholar Innovation and Creativity


Jan 2015

Toxic-free tea harvest in Sun Moon Lake with 100% yield.

Feb 2015

Malaysia Green IngeoSdnBhd comes to Taiwan to discuss collaboration.

Mar 2015

Submitted application for Taiwan emerging industry acceleration plan (SME Incubation

Pioneer award).

May 2015

Launched the Malaysian sweet potato weevil and Bactroceradorsalis prevention project.

Jul 2015

Completed the first phase of capital increase, acquiring NTD 20 million in contributed


Sep 2015

Exhibited at the "2015 Tainan Biotechnology Green Energy Expo".

Oct 2015

Officially submitted application for over-the-counter company.

Nov 2015

Officially released the company's over-the-counter information for fundraising (Stock

No. : 7488).

Dec 2016

the first over-the-counter company in Taiwan dedicated to pesticide  substitutes as a

social enterprise.

Feb 2016

Application submitted for Taiwan National Development Startup Fund.

May 2016

First prize in the first "Cross-strait (Fuzhou) University Student Start-up Innovation Contest”

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