About TSSE 

TSSE is established on 2014 and headquarter is located at Central Taiwan Science Park, Taichung, Taiwan.
Our main product is " Biological inducible pesticide substitutes"  which cooperated  with Chaoyang University
of Technology Pheromone center. It is used to control plant diseases and pest insects for rice, vegetables, fruits,
corn, sweet potato, star fruit, tea, and others crops.
In the early stage of TSSE,  there are  plenty of food safety issues had happened which enhance TSSE wish to
develop a toxic-free environment and to a build a sustainable  business model focus on agriculture area.We
believe that the development of toxic-free agriculture is not only providing safe and healthy food for people
but paying respect to the sustainable future of mother nature and all creations of the universe.In light of this,
TSSE has spared no efforts to promote BIPS, replace artificial interference with natural approaches, and create a
new toxic-free food supply chain. Furthermore, these changes will raise the income of farmers and  encourage
young people to stay in their hometown, also reducing the difference of  urban and countryside.
2014 TSSE has passed the application in NanKang Biotech Incubation Centre and acquired recommendation
letter to set up the over-the-counter company in the stock market. On 2015, TSSE Officially released the
company's over-the-counter information for fundraising (Stock No. : 7488). TSSE has become the first pesticide
substitute enterprise in Taiwan and create a sustainable society while being a sustainable social enterprise, in
the same year, TSSE is also awarded by SME Incubation Pioneer Award.
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